The Franchise Concept of the 21st century!
Oven Baked potatoes !
Oven Baked potatoes is our speciality
During more than 25 years Graffiti Café has served its special
oven baked potatoes to satisfied customers.
We have a lot of delicious fillings to offer.
Many of our guests care about their weight and because of that we
constantly develop our range of non or low fat products.
We call it - Live Life Lighter!
We pay special attention to allergies of different kinds, therefore we have complete control over the ingredients in our fillings.
If you suffer from allergy of any kind, please ask our staff

The most popular Oven Baked Potatoes:
  •  Skagen filling  
  •  Shrimp with Keso  
  •  Crab Mix  
  •  Chicken Curry  
  •  Ham & Cheese
More than a million satisfied customers had a Baked Potato at Graffiti Café last year.
The assortment can vary from location to location based on local demand.
Designed by: SittNer-Webbdesign
Facts about Graffiti Café !
  • 1985 First Café opened in Kristianstad.
  • 1987 First Franchise unit opened.
  • 2013 13 Graffiti Café.
  • Sales/year appr 60 million SEK.
  • Potato sales/year - 800 tons.
  • Over 1 million freshly oven baked potatoes per year.
  • Graffiti Café is like the sun in the sky and the dot over the i.....