The Franchise Concept of the 21st century!
Graffiti Café in Sweden


 Petra Lönnqvist and Mats Lönnqvist 


 Petra Lönnqvist 
 Mats Lönnqvist 
The Franchise Concept of the 21st century;
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Facts about Graffiti Café !
  • 1985 First Café opened in Kristianstad.
  • 1987 First Franchise unit opened.
  • 2013 13 Graffiti Café.
  • Sales/year appr 60 million SEK.
  • Potato sales/year - 800 tons.
  • Over 1 million freshly oven baked potatoes per year.
  • Graffiti Café is like the sun in the sky and the dot over the i.....