The Franchise Concept of the 21st century!
Graffiti Café in general !
Graffiti Café
is a strong brand, with baked potatoes as main product complemented by sallads, baguettes, energy and health smoothies, ice cream, coffee and accessories.
Our guests
are predominantly women who value quality and healthy living at a reasonable price. In later years more and more men have discovered the value of a well balanced and healthy meal at Graffiti Café.
Quality - service and hygiene
Everything served at Graffiti Café maintain the same high and even quality. Noone who has longed for his or her baked potato may be disappointed. The staff is continously educated and trained in the importance of maintaining good hygiene and a high service level. At Graffiti Café you must always be met by a happy, smiling and accomodating staff. Satisfied guests are our best assets and the strongest marketing tool for Graffiti Café.
In 2014 there were 12 Graffiti Café operations in Southern Sweden with an annual sales volume of appr. 5 million EUR. We serve well over 750 tons of oven baked potatoes per year ordered by over 1 million satisfied guests.
The Future
The number of guests is constantly increasing and Graffiti Café is now in an expansive phase. Our franchise concept is well developed with a well over 20 years of successful experience. Our future vision is to intensify the development domestically as well as internationally.

The Franchise Concept of the 21st century;


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Facts about Graffiti Café !
  • 1985 First Café opened in Kristianstad.
  • 1987 First Franchise unit opened.
  • 2013 13 Graffiti Café.
  • Sales/year appr 60 million SEK.
  • Potato sales/year - 800 tons.
  • Over 1 million freshly oven baked potatoes per year.
  • Graffiti Café is like the sun in the sky and the dot over the i.....